GMI Implementation for Pricing Strategy

Business Scenario

Our client is a promising brand from the past 40 years in Europe for automotive brakes parts specialist with their huge market grip. Europe. This one-stop-shop provider has breaks, wheel bearings, steering, and suspension parts, covering 29K+ different items for almost all car brands and models in all European countries.

The Challenge

Our engagement was to implement GMI for an enterprise-level analytics solution which aims alt analyzing competitors and industry trends across countries for automotive parts, parts suppliers, and manufacturers.

Solution Highlights

  • Comparative pricing strategy dashboard
  • Providing market shares and future trends
  • Supplier-manufacturer positioning in specific zones
  • Manufacturer market share and changes happening
  • In-depth analysis of supplier strengths and weaknesses
  • Parts positioning in the market with extensive market intelligence
  • Potential new markets to sell parts with competitor advantage
  • Large-scale crawler gets public data at speed of 20k records per minute
  • TecDoc itself being a huge database and is hosted in the big data structure for an efficient integration process
  • These records are analyzed and integrated to TecDoc data for recognizing parts, supplier, and manufacturer


  • Increased accuracy of comparative pricing strategy
  • Better forecast reporting for market shares and trends
  • Informative reports, charts, and statistics for a better decision on plant operation